Through the Solar Biofuels Consortium team and its industry partners (KBRNeste Oil, Siemens & Cement Australia) the SBRC can provide research capacity and services in the areas listed below.

Please select your area of interest and contact us at [email protected] for further information.

  • Strain purification
  • Cryopreservation
  • Nutrient optimisation
  • Light optimisation
  • Metabolomics and metabolic engineering
  • High value product development and screening
  • Photo-bioreactor and raceway system design
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Scale up

Strain purification: Advanced microalgae purification strategies that have undergone extensive development and testing and can be configured to the recovery of species from a wide range of water sources. Strain purification is now available as a service.

Cryopreservation: Advanced microalgae cryopreservation techniques have been developed and tested. Strain cryo-preservation is available as a service.

Nutrient optimisation: Advanced high throughput nutrient optimisation screening that identifies the best nutrient blends based on the analysis of over 200 different combinations has been developed and tested and is now available as a service. 

Light optimisation: Light capture is the first stage of all biofuel and bio-products production. The optimisation of light delivery and light capture are therefore essential to the development of high-efficiency processes. Screens can now be provided to assist with the optimisation of light capture and can be tailored to specific needs. Our engineering partners can assist with engineering aspects of bioreactor design.

Metabolomics and metabolic engineering: For efficient product production it is important to channel the captured solar energy into downstream products such as oils, carbohydrates, proteins or specific High Value Products. Our team has substantial skills and facilities for the analysis of metabolites and targeted metabolic engineering.

High value product development and screening: Extensive facilities are available for the screening and purification of high value products.

Photo-bioreactor and raceway system design: Our team has extensive experience in photo-bioreactor design and process engineering.

Techno-economic analysis: Our team has extensive experience in economic modelling of microalgae production. Economic modelling can be provided as a service.

Scale up: 2013 saw the launch of the SBRC Pilot plant in Brisbane. This facility provides a research hub to facilitate collaborative and contract research projects based on photo-bioreactors and raceway systems. Services can be provided in systems design and testing.

For further information please contact ([email protected]).