Web Press Releases:

UQ News, US Navy here to talk biofuels, February 2012

Engineering News, Green diesel – Neste oil joins international algae research, August 2011

Energy Efficiency News, Busy week for biofuel at Paris Air Show, June 2011

"Neste Oil to take part in international algae research projects in Australia and the Netherlands" (Neste Oil Corporation press release), 22 June 2022

Science in Public, Stories of Australia Science, Algae that make biofuels and hydrogen, 2010

UQ News, Queensland Government boost for clean fuels research, May 2010

Science in Public, Stories of Australian Science, 2010

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Uni-Protokolle, Bielefelder Forscher entwickeln Wasserstoff-produzierende Turboalge, Grünalge gibt Gas: Energieträger für die Zukunft, University of Bielefeld, September 2005   

Newspaper/Magazine Articles:

Lloyds List DCN, Biofuels move to fast track, July 2011

The Road Ahead, Developing a Biofuel, Algae Research in Queensland, October 2011

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TCE Today, Let there be light….and dark…in quick succession, 2009

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Audiovisual Material:

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