Research Focus

The cultivation of algae offers a cost-effective way of producing bio-fuels all year round with minimal use of land. These are important prerequisites for large-scale commercial production of bio-fuels.

In our research team at the University of Queensland, Australia, we use functional genomics and in vitro evolution approaches to improve efficiencies of biofuel production from algae. Our development of new improved microalgae strains aims to maximise bio-diesel or bio-hydrogen production in reactors and open/closed pond systems. We work closely together with our collaborators Ben Hankamer, Olaf Kruse and Clemens Posten as well as industry partners that are interested in new algae crop varieties and biofuel production to cover the future energy market.
Using functional genomics we have identified regulatory genes that provide tools for further improvement of bio-fuel producing algae strains. Recently, we have developed a meta-genomics and an in vitro evolution approach for biodiscovery of new algae strains. By applying cutting edge high-throughput analysis tools it currently offers the opportunity to pioneer in this widely unknown area.

Our goals are: